Why Serve?

There is nothing like showing someone how much their worth like serving them. At The Congregation, we believe that God has called each one of us to be a worldshaker for Him. God never calls just one, we will always call a tribe of people to inspire change and usher in his presence.

Join our INSPIRE team and help us build God’s House! Our Goal as The Congregation is to be a hope in the world and a refuge for many. Partner with us and sign up today to join one of our amazing teams and help us inspire others to follow Jesus through our service.

Want to Serve at The Congregation?

  1. Attend our DISCOVER class.

Discover is the first step in our Journey of Discovery. In this class, you will not only learn about how to thrive at The Congregation but also what it means to know God and Follow Jesus.


  1. Attend our INSPIRE class.

Once you have completed our DISCOVER class, the next step is to take our INSPIRE class. In this class you will not only learn about your unique gifts and abilities but will also be empowered to use them in service to impact the lives of others for the better. Please fill out the INSPIRE RSVP form if you have completed DISCOVER class but not INSPIRE class.

Sign up to serve.

Once you’ve completed DISCOVER and INSPIRE classes, we invite you to sign up to become a member of our INSPIRE team by filling out our Volunteer Application

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Every few months all our INSPIRE Teams meet together for our special INSPIRE night to fellowship and build each other up. Be apart of a real community who’s actively living out the gospel and inspiring change in the world.